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  1. Dear Fellow Shalfordians

    County Broadband have placed small wooden sticks with an A4 notice on around the village indicating where they are intending to place telegraph poles to carry new high speed broadband cables. As I understand it, the Parish Council were told that County Broadband would use the existing telegraph poles, and if not possible to use, the wires would be buried. This would prevent the village being littered with new telegraph poles. BT then said they would charge a licence fee to use their poles which County Broadband are not prepared to pay.

    So now we face the village being littered with poles so County Broadband can save money rather than burying the cables or pay BT. We all understand the need for high speed broadband but surely we are entitled to expect that they are installed without spoiling our beautiful village. In other villages, all cables have been buried when the residents have demanded it.

    If you feel as strongly as me, please contact Essex Highways and report this issue. Look to see if a small post is on the verge outside your property or verges down your lane as it may well be replaced with telegraph poles. If we do nothing, the poles will be going up as early in the New Year. Burying the cables is much preferred and perfectly viable.

    Please see the link below to – section Debris – Advertising Signs, map the location, and explain.


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