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  1. Can you let me know how the footpath cutting is progressing please and are MD Landscapes aware that there are a lot of footpaths which are not accessible with a 3ft mower and will need to be done by hand

  2. Those of you who are still bound by the County Broadband ‘Pre-Order Fibre Broadband contract’ that was signed back in December 2018, and would like to have the opportunity to leave CB, perhaps now would be the best time to do so.

    Your ‘Pre-Order contract’ may soon be due to be outside County Broadband’s given installation date/s and so you will not be legally bound by their terms and will have every right to be removed from their contract.

    This has been a long drawn out process and I am very relieved that I have now been able to finally get connected to a fast fibre broadband service by an alternative provider, rather than have to wait another several months on further unfulfilled promises..

  3. Hello Shalford

    Following a chat with a friend today I remembered an event that took place in Shalford in July 1973 and was attended by the then Miss World Belinda Green (Miss Australia) The event included Banger racing by the Braintree Auto Club .I was just wondering if anybody remembers this ? as I was there I remember there was a brick wall at the bottom of the field

    • Hi Nicholas
      I too was there and we have a photo image of Miss World Belinda Green in the History/Bowler Hatters section of this web site, ours although it is marked as 1972, you are probably correct with the event date, photo is a newspaper cutting provided for our first web site created in 2004. I seem to remember a marching brass band with carnival floats along The Street in Shalford to start the event, must have been the Shalford fete day, two ladies in the sports car were the Carnival Queens. The wall would have been and still is the wall of Shalford Hall, field used is opposite to the entrance of Tanners Builder Yard, it seems only a short time ago. We move to Shalford in 1971 for six months and still here.

      • Hi David
        Thank you for your reply .I`m sorry I’ve only just seen it yes its funny how it seems like only a short time ago when you think about something I know what you mean. I think Miss Australia was crowned Miss World in December 72 so the Shalford event would probably have been 73 like you said . Since writing my message I have come across a couple of other people who were there also and now I have seen the Hatters picture it has all come together so thank you so much for your reply glad you are still enjoying Shalford

  4. Dear Fellow Shalfordians

    County Broadband have placed small wooden sticks with an A4 notice on around the village indicating where they are intending to place telegraph poles to carry new high speed broadband cables. As I understand it, the Parish Council were told that County Broadband would use the existing telegraph poles, and if not possible to use, the wires would be buried. This would prevent the village being littered with new telegraph poles. BT then said they would charge a licence fee to use their poles which County Broadband are not prepared to pay.

    So now we face the village being littered with poles so County Broadband can save money rather than burying the cables or pay BT. We all understand the need for high speed broadband but surely we are entitled to expect that they are installed without spoiling our beautiful village. In other villages, all cables have been buried when the residents have demanded it.

    If you feel as strongly as me, please contact Essex Highways and report this issue. Look to see if a small post is on the verge outside your property or verges down your lane as it may well be replaced with telegraph poles. If we do nothing, the poles will be going up as early in the New Year. Burying the cables is much preferred and perfectly viable.

    Please see the link below to – section Debris – Advertising Signs, map the location, and explain.


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