Uttlesford withdraws Local Plan

You may remember that Stanstead had to curtail its expansion plans for increased flights and a large increase of numbers of passengers, due to a change of nearly all Councillors within Uttlesford District Council last May, who disagreed with previous councillors decisions.

They have now looked at their Local Plan, which is a joint effort with Braintree District Councils Local Plan, which has the overall name of ‘West of Braintree’ 15,000 – 25,000 homes within next 15 years. Involving land from just south of Great Saling, down to Blake End near the old A120, with Uttlesford development on the western side.

Local Parish Councils including Shalford have been raising funds for the past two years for lawyers to fight this planning application in open countryside, it should be interesting to see if Braintree District Council will continue.

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All Shalford Parish Councillors have received the notice

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