Stoneley Park

Stoneley Park EntranceSummer 2018

Stoneley Park lies against the B1053 on Whites Hill Shalford

The long awaited removal of the redundant recycle centre has now been complete with a small car park installation and landscaped pond area

To protect local residents car park will be locked during hours of darkness:- open 7.00/7.30 am locked at dusk

Walking access is available 24/7

It is very early days with grass area’s and planting to become established, Essex County Council are also looking to repair the stone compass in the centre of the park for the third time, after vandal damage





During the mid 1960’s the area now   known as Stoneley Park was a sand extraction site, followed by landfill and then an amenity site that closed in July 2010, methane gas still escapes from the underground levels and a system of pipes extracts the excess which is burned off, the burner being situated in corner of the site. Currently managed by Essex County Council. During 2007 Shalford residents were encouraged to plant various trees in memory of loved ones to get the area started and gravel pathways added later, the park is open 24/7 to all.


Stoneley Park MapExisting trees in the main park are to be coppiced in the future, retaining native species only, to encourage the growth of the ground flora for smaller animals

Shalford Parish Council have reserved funds in place to provide new signage for Stoneley Park, once the new entrance is in place

Development Plans – Click Image to Expand



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