Policies and Procedures

June 2020 Minutes -20/96 –  Policies and Procedures all policies as below were reviewed and approved

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Thumbnail for 2020-Action-Plan.pdf2020-Action-Plan.pdf

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Thumbnail for 2020-Assets-Register.pdf2020-Assets-Register.pdf

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Thumbnail for 2020-Code-of-Conduct.pdf2020-Code-of-Conduct.pdf

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Thumbnail for 2020-Community-Engagement.pdf2020-Community-Engagement.pdf

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Thumbnail for 2020-Complaints-Procedure.pdf2020-Complaints-Procedure.pdf

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Thumbnail for 2020-Disciplinary-Procedure.pdf2020-Disciplinary-Procedure.pdf

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Thumbnail for 2020-Financial-Regs.pdf2020-Financial-Regs.pdf

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Thumbnail for 2020-Grant-Awarding.pdf2020-Grant-Awarding.pdf

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Thumbnail for 2020-Grievance-Procedure.pdf2020-Grievance-Procedure.pdf

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Thumbnail for 2020-Publication-Policy.pdf2020-Publication-Policy.pdf

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Thumbnail for 2020-Recording-Policy.pdf2020-Recording-Policy.pdf

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Thumbnail for 2020-Retention-Policy.pdf2020-Retention-Policy.pdf

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Thumbnail for 2020-Risk-Management.pdf2020-Risk-Management.pdf

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Thumbnail for 2020-Standing-Orders.pdf2020-Standing-Orders.pdf

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Thumbnail for 2020-Training-Policy.pdf2020-Training-Policy.pdf

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