Draft Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held at Shalford Village Hall on Wednesday, 23rd June 2021 commencing at 7:30pm:

 Present:                     Cllr M French (Chairman)

Cllr A Gurnett

Cllr R Short

Cllr A Merryweather

Cllr N Birks

Cllr A Hull

Cllr G Butland (County Councillor)

Mrs M Baker (Clerk)

Public – 4 in attendance


FC16 -21/22    Apologies for Absence.

                        Apologies received from Cllr P Tattersley (District Councillor) and Cllr S Batt.


FC17-21/22     To receive member’s declarations of interest and dispensations in items on                      the agenda.

Cllr Short and Cllr Hull both declared a non-pecuniary interest in the Village           Hall, minute reference FC24-21/22.

Cllr Birks declared a pecuniary interest in planning application 21/00006/FUL,         minute reference FC22-21/22.


FC18-21/22     Minutes:

                        RESOLVED It was agreed to accept the minutes of the Meeting on the 23rd of  June 2021. Proposer Cllr Gurnett, Seconder Cllr Hull.

FC19-21/22     Public participation session:

  • A member of the public raised concerns about the quality and coverage of the grass cutting contract.
  • A member of the public asked when the consultation would be completed for the quiet lane status of Water Lane.

FC20-21/22     Report from the Clerk:


The dog fouling leaflets have been delivered. New locations have been submitted for the new dog poo bins.


The clerk has passed their CiLCA qualification and is now a qualified clerk.


The bank details change was submitted, returned and has been re-submitted. Meanwhile cheques are still being used.

Update on Planning Applications Listed in the Minutes dated 23rd of June 2021:

21/01576/HH – Ancells In The Hole Braintree Road Shalford

Internal refurbishments and external redecoration with minor conservation accredited repairs to existing form and fabric. Installation of fittings. Installation of internal partitions and use of existing plan arrangement and spatial accommodation. Replacement of external windows. Minor landscaping works. Erection of detached cart lodge on footprint of existing.


21/01733/FUL – Shalford Hall Farm The Street Shalford

Erection of single-storey agricultural storage building and associated operational development.


21/01574/OUT – Fox House Church End Shalford

Outline Planning Permission for the construction of a single dwelling house with some matters reserved (access)-following approval of 20/00008/OUT following Appeal Ref: APP/Z1510/W/20/3255306


FC21-21/22     Report from the County Councillor:

  • Cllr Butland explained that the local plan hearing was now complete, and they are waiting on further information from the inspectors.
  • The consultation for Water Lane can now take place and the money is still allocated.
  • County Councillor grants are available again. Cllr Butland is looking for suggestions of areas in the Parish that need improvement. Applications must be received by September and ideally related to Covid recovery.

FC22-21/22     Planning:

                        It was resolved to make the following comments:

21/02124/TPO  – Wickford Braintree Road Shalford.

Notice of intent to carry out works to a tree protected by Tree Preservation Order 8/92 – Oak Tree situated on the front drive -The customer at Wickford would like a full crown reduction on this large tree to minimise and keep at bay the honeydews causing. I have advised them a 1.5-2m crown reduction would be suitable. The tree in question has been previously pollarded harshly. Alternatively please can you propose other options if a full 1.5 / 2 m reduction is not acceptable.


21/02158/HH – The Granary Jaspers Green Shalford

Erection of single storey rear extension, conversion of roof space of garage to living accommodation and insertion of conservation rooflights.


21/00006/FUL – Wethersfield Mill Braintree Road Wethersfield

Refurbishment and conversion of barn and replacement of lean-to to provide floristry school and onsite student accommodation. Construction of storage building/glasshouse.

COMMENT – It was agreed to raise concerns about future development into residential. A conditional clause is to be requested that if converted to residential the property remains as an annex to the main building.

Notification only – 21/02049/PLD – Hawthorns Jaspers Green Shalford

Application for a Certificate of Lawfulness for a proposed

development – Removal of existing domestic workshop and

erection of new domestic workshop/garage/store building.


Development at Hunts Farm – Concerns were raised about a new gateway being formed. Previous planning application comments from Essex Highways stated that there was no historical access at that location. The Clerk is to contact the relevant bodies.

FC23-21/22     Parish Magazine:

                        DEFER Alice Cox presented a draft version of the future magazine and the related costings. It was highlighted that the magazine is a local asset and could help raise the profile of the Parish Council. It was confirmed that the  PCC would be donating £200 per month for the first four months. It was agreed to pay an initial donation of £200 and the on-going commitment to be reviewed at the September meeting.

FC24-21/22     S106:

                        RESOLVED The attached report (Appendix II) was received by the Council.  The difficulty of the situation was discussed, and the Council agreed to  proceed with Wicksteed Option 2 for £7456.60. Proposer Cllr Birks, Seconder Cllr Short.

FC25-21/22     Parish Ranger

                        RESOLVED It was agreed that the clerk is required to email the Councillors regarding any works for the Parish Ranger. The work cannot commence  unless the majority have confirmed and it is within the allocated budget.  Proposer Cllr Merryweather, Seconder Cllr French.

FC26-21/22     Bus Shelter:

                        RESOLVED The attached report (Appendix III) was received by the Council. It was agreed to allocated a budget of £200 for the refurbishment of the Bus Shelter. Proposer Cllr Birks, Seconder Cllr Merryweather.

FC27-21/22     Local Hero Award:

                        RESOLVED  The Councillors voted in a blind vote on the nominations  received. Andrew Hull was voted by the majority to receive the Local Hero Award.

FC28-21/22     Finance:

                        RESOLVED The financial report was received and the following payments  approved except for the RCCE. Proposer Cllr French, Seconder Cllr Birks.

FC29-21/22     Items from Councillors for the next Agenda:

  • Action Plan
  • Open Spaces Plan
  • Tree Warden
  • Uttlesford Local Plan
  • Dog Fouling Campaign

Councillors are asked to inform the clerk of any items by 6th of September 2021.

FC30-21/22     The Council will resolved to exclude the press and public from the remainder  of the meeting due to confidential business (Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960, S1(2)).

FC31-21/22     Contracts:

                        RESOLVED The Clerk presented the quality council award criteria and  highlighted the issues within the functioning of the Council. Issues with current contractors were highlighted and it was agreed to review all the documents  associated with the criteria for the quality council awards including all  contracts. Proposer Cllr Merryweather, Seconder Cllr Gurnett.

A working group will be formed to secure new contracts consisting of Cllr Gurnett, Cllr Merryweather and Cllr French.

FC32-21/22     Next meeting of the Parish Council:

                        The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on the 15th of September at 7:30pm at Shalford Village Hall.


The Chairman thanked everybody for attending and declared the meeting  closed at 9:30pm.