Draft Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council, held on Wednesday, 16th Sept 2020 via Zoom

Present Cllr French (Chairman)

Cllr Golding
Cllr Eversden
Cllr Gurnett
Cllr Batt
Cllr Short

DC Santomuro
Cathryn Carlisle (Clerk)
2 members of the Public

20/141 Apologies for Absence

DC Tattersley
CC Butland

20/142 Minutes of the PC meeting held on Wednesday 19th Aug 2020, were approved as a true record of the meeting

20/143 Declarations of interest

Cllr Golding, Cllr Short, Cllr Eversden VHMC

20/144 Public participation session with respect to items on the agenda and other matters that are of mutual interest.

A member of public came to find out what had been done about putting a path from the Bridge on the Wethersfield Road to Cliffield.

20/145 Clerk’s Report.

The Clerk reported that NALC and EALC have said that zoom meetings should continue.

20/146 District Councillors Report

• Cabinet Meeting 7th Sept Covid Response
• Local Office opened by appointment only
• Braintree High Street will be closed on 21/9
• Local Plan Consultation 21/8 to 9/10 47 amendments
• CC Pothole initiative

20/147 County Councillors Report

No Report

20/148 Reports from Councillors with matters affecting the village

• Bus Shelters need cleaning Clerk to Chase
• The Pavement on Whites Hill needs reporting Clerk to Report
• Cllr Batt has contacted, the School about the Planters and Wood Land Tree Initiative.
• Cllr Batt has volunteered to do the planter near Tanners Yard, she will do some research on what to plant. Cllr Batt to give the Clerk to receipts for plants etc.
• Cllr Eversden was concerned that a large tree on the street had been taken down. The tree was very rotten inside and had permission to be taken down.
• Cllr Golding asked that if Cllr Batt is going to do research, we could us that information for other people to use for the other planters.
• Cllr French with the spike in Covid-19 we might need resurrected the support group.
• The Sewage Treatment Plant at Jaspers Green is going to be upgraded, residents have received a letter from East Light Community Homes containing a proposed invoice of almost £60k which is to be split among a small number of residents for works to be carried out on a sewage treatment plant in Jaspers Green.
• The grass outside Barryfields, needs cutting. The Clerk has already spoken to MD Landscapes.

20/149 Finance

20/149.1 £317.76 Clerks Staffing Costs Sept BACs
20/149.2 £65.00 B Keen Maintenance August BACs
20/149.3 £17.90 Clerks Expenses BACs
20/149.4 £105.00 MD Landscapes Grass Cutting Bacs
Payments were approved by all members of the Council Present.

20/149.5 Monthly Budget and Bank Reconciliation
These were sent out prior to the meeting.

20/149.6 Locality Fund
Possibilities money to enlarge the Car Park at the Village Hall
Vehicle Activated Speed Device

20/150 Village Hall Management Committee update

Decoration of the Committee Room, and Lobby is in the process. VHMC are still waiting for a response from their insurers before further discussions can take place with Bendlowes regarding the Petanque court.

20/151 Planning Applications/Comments

20/01208/FUL Demolition of barns and mobile home and erection of dwelling. Land South of Builders Yard Braintree Road Shalford Essex
Recommend approval

Planning Results
20/01043/FUL Demolition of existing buildings, and erection of agricultural storage building, and a detached dwelling, with associated private garden, garaging, car parking, and landscaping. – Shalford Hall Farm, The Street, Shalford
Recommend Approval

20/01250/HH Single -storey rear Edwardian style conservatory in Black Foiled UPVC. – Orchard Barn, Shalford Green, Shalford
Recommend approval

20/151.1 Braintree Local Plan
See DC Report

20/151.2 UDC Local Plan
No Report

20/152 Footpath/bridleway

20/152.1 Bridleways
No Report

20/152.2 Footpaths
• The Clerk has sent an email to PRoW about the next years cutting, with 2 small areas requested by Ned Gemmill (prow officer) to be added to the grass cutting schedule. The PC is considering taking on the replacing of missing way markers.

• Footpath 15 has been past to the enforcement team to deal with.

• The Clerk has spoken to MDLandscapes about doing the Autumn cut.

• The Clerk to see if Wethersfield Parish Council are going to cut Footpath in their Parish.

20/153 Highways

20/153.1 Update from Highway Meeting
The Clerk to resend the email to Cllr Gurnett from Jasmine Wiles, about putting in poles for a VAS.

20/153.2 Path on the Wethersfield Road
The Clerk has completed an LHP form and sent it in to CC Butland

20/153.3 Hulls Lane Verge Cutting
Verge Cutting has started to be done in some parishes

20/153.4 Flooding near the George Pub
At present there is no flooding as its not rained recently.

20/154 County Broadband

No Report

20/155 Defibrillator at the George Public House

The Clerk has Contacted Finchingfield Surgery to see it the CREAMER Committee met; no meeting had taken place due to Covid.

20/156 Stoneley Park

20/156.1 Stoneley Park Signage
Lack of progress on the sign but ECC have had to prioritise some quite involved landfill gas control work at Shalford and a couple of their other sites that has taken all their time.
Andrew Brown will commit to making progress on the sign(s) next week and having it/ them installed as soon as possible.

20/156.2 Stoneley Park Memorial
Clerk to speak with Andrew Brown about this

20/157 Consultations and Publications

Cllr Golding will draft responses to all the Consultations regards the Local Plan, the Planning White Paper.

20/158 Absent Members

The Clerk and Cllr Batt to draft a letter to Cllr Oates

20/159 Wreath for Remembrance Sunday

Cllr Gurnett to see if there is a wreath at the church if so, the Clerk will do a donation to the Poppy Appeal.

20/160 Dog Fouling

Cllr Batt said there was a lot of people on Facebook complaining about Dog Poo, she has done a poster that could go up. The Clerk said Rayne PC had done a poster competition with the School and the winning posters had been laminated and put up around the village. The Council thought this would be a good idea, Cllr Batt to speak to the school. The Council will give a prize to the best ones.

The Clerk has contacted The Dogs Trust to see if we can get Dog Poo Bags from them.

The Clerk to see if we can get 2 new dog poo one by the foot bridge junction Water Lane and fp 61 and at the junction of Water Hall Lane and fp 63. Both these footpaths are well used and not near poo bins as is evident by the dog mess on them both.

20/161 Matters to be raised by members for the next agenda

20/162 Date of the next meeting 21st Oct 2020

20/163 Closed at 9.10pm

Signed……………………………………………. Dated……………………………………….