Draft Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council, held on Wednesday, 15th January 2020

Present     Cllr Golding (Chairman)

Cllr Gurnett

Cllr Eversden

Cllr Oates

Cllr French

Cllr Batt

Cllr Short

DC Santorimo

Cathryn Carlisle (Clerk)

20/1           Apologies for Absence

CC Butland

DC Tattersley

20/2           Minutes of the PC meeting held on Wednesday 18th December 2019 were approved and signed as a true record of the meeting.

20/3           Declarations of interest

Cllr Golding, Cllr Short, Cllr Eversden VHMC

20/4           Public participation session with respect to items on the agenda and other matters that are of mutual interest.

There were none present

20/5           Clerk’s Report

No Report

20/4           Reports from Councillors with matters affecting the village

    • Flooding at Codham Mill, the Council had already looked at signs previously,
    • the Council were told they were not allowed to put a flood sign out. The Council were told that we couldn’t do it due to Health and Safety.
    • Rubbish and leaves in the bus shelters, Clerk to chase.
    • Flooding opposite the George, this has been reported to the utility companies.
    • Rotten apples on the foot path at Cliffield, Clerk to report to Greenfields

20/5           Finance

20/5.1          £309.26      Clerks Staffing Costs Jan                  BACs

20/5.2            £65.00      B Keen Maintenance Dec                 BACs

20/5.3            £28.50      Clerks Expenses                                BACs

20/5.4            £35.27      e-ON Electricity                                BACs

20/5.7          £100.00      Creamer Fund Christmas Tree

Payments were approved by all member of the Council present.

20/5.5   Monthly Budget and Bank Reconciliation

The Clerk had sent these out prior to the meeting and were approved by all Councillors present.

20/5.6   Section 106/Open Spaces

20/5.6 Open Spaces Action Plan 2020 – to review

The Council had sent out a leaflet asking residents what they felt was needed in the Parish. Cllr Batt had forwarded the list and the Clerk will add them to the review by the 24th January 2020 deadline. These included:

      • Petanque Court
      • Village sign including please drive carefully
      • Stoneley Park
      • Community garden / orchard
      • Resurfacing of stone table (if ECC don’t have it in hand)
      • Glass recycling point?
      • Trees to be named and labelled
      • Picnic benches / seating areas
      • Wildflower planting (labelled)
      • Seating by the river / the river being tidied and cleared

20/5.7 Budget for 2020-21

The Council discussed the budget and agreed to set the precept at £21,500 on a vote of 6 in favour 1 against.

20/6           Village Hall Management Committee update

Income and expenditure for December broke even at £1,600 each, concerned expressed over income for the next eight weeks with hall being closed for renovation. Village Performing Rights licence due at £260 plus tractor servicing at approximately £450.

VE celebrations discussed. Bendlowes Trust making enquiries about using the hall for Saturday 9th May, to be confirmed.

Due to commencement of replacement village hall roof, the final grant from the National Lottery Fund can be drawn down. Total cost of the works is £64K.

All the grants have been made by chairman Colin Golding for which he should be congratulated.

20/7     District Councillors Report

      • The District Council is looking to put up their Precept by 1.99%
      • The Local Plan Hearing has started
      • Finchingfield Bridge, it looks as if a temporary bridge will be viable.
      • Community Grant is still available, it must be signed up by the end of March
      • The Village Hall are thinking of a Hearing Loop.

20/8           County Councillors Report

No Report

20/9           BDC Local Plan 2033

Cllr Golding will be attending some of the hearings over the next few weeks. There is a link that people can follow.

20/9.1 Joint Council and SERCLE

No Report

20/9.2  Uttlesford Local Plan

The Clerk to send out the inspector’s letter to all councillors.

20/10         Village Enhancement

20/10.1 Planters

The School is interested in doing some of the planters.

20/11         Planning Applications/Comments

20/00008/OUT Outline Planning Permission for the construction of a single dwelling house with all matters reserved apart from access. – Fox House, Church End, Shalford       The Council has no objection.

20/11.1 Planning Results

19/02055/FUL  Change of use from agricultural land to residential garden land &

retention of fencing. – Yorneys, Shalford Green. Pending, Shalford recommend approval.

19/01802/FUL | Proposed replacement dwelling, annex and garage. | Stoneley Park House, The Chase, Shalford Essex CM7 5HH Approved

19/01744/FUL & PP-08163494 Construction of three dwelling houses alongside ancillary vehicle access, parking, landscaping and other associated works – Land Opposite Jaspers, Jaspers Green, Shalford – Appealed

19/01514/FUL & 19/01515/LBC Subdivision of existing plot to form 2No. dwellings, erection of a single storey extension and alterations to external landscaping. – Bays Farm, 1 Shalford Green, Shalford – Withdrawn

18/02023/VAR Application for variation of condition 2 following grant of planning permission 18/00278/REM – to reduce the Visibility Splays from 120m to 73m as per the recent approval (18/01124/FUL) and as agreed with Highways. – White Court, Braintree Road, Shalford       Pending

20/12         Footpath/bridleway

20/12.1 Bridleways – No Update

20/12.2 Footpaths

The Clerk has sent in the P3 form to Shirley Ahlin. The Clerk has spoken to MD Landscapes who will put up the posts and way markers for £20 per post. The Clerk to write to all liveries reminding them not to ride on footpaths.

20/13         Highways

20/13.1 Update from Highway Meeting with Jasmine Wiles – No update

20/14         Consultations and Publications Received and to respond to.

Already sent to councillors.

20/15         Day Celebrations VE

To be discussed next month.

20/16         County Broadband

Meeting with County Broadband was held prior to the meeting. The Chairman outlined the concerns of residents (see appendix) and we are awaiting County Broadband’s response.

20/17         Matters to be raised by members for the next agenda

20/18         Date of the next meeting 19th February 2020

20/19         Meeting Closed at 9.11 pm.

Signed……………………………………….                   Dated………………………………………………….


County Broadband Meeting

The concerns raised with us are as follows.

We understood from the presentations given in the past by CB that their network would be a mixture of buried fibre and the use of existing power/telephone poles and only where these were impractical (particularly in remote areas) new poles would be erected.

However, what we are seeing is new poles being erected where burying is quite feasible and indeed where Gigaclear have recently buried their own fibre and poles being erected where there are existing power/BT pole. Indeed, outside my own cottage you have erected a new pole within 1 metre of an existing pole which carries power and BT phone lines to my property.

So residents feel that they have been misled particularly those that signed up early and they feel that the erection of so many unnecessary poles detracts from the rural nature of our Parish. In fact, if they had known in advance how many poles were being erected, they may well have signed up with Gigaclear instead

Furthermore, there appears to be no control or consultation on where these poles are erected.