Draft Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday, 17th June 2020 via Zoom

Present     Cllr French (Chairman)

Cllr Batt
Cllr Gurnett
Cllr Short
Cllr Eversden

DC Tattersley
CC Butland
Cathryn Carlisle (Clerk)

20/83 Apologies for Absence

Cllr Golding
Cllr Oates

20/84 Minutes of the PC meeting held on Wednesday 20th May 2020 were approved and signed as a true record of the meeting.

20/85 Declarations of interest

Cllr Short Village Hall Committee

20/86 Public participation session with respect to items on the agenda and other matters that are of mutual interest.

There were none present

20/87 Clerk’s Report.

The Causeway problems, MD Landscapes has cut the bank and The Vicarage had cut the hedge and bushes, The Clerk has reported the Path to ECC.

20/88 Reports from Councillors with matters affecting the village

The Memorial Bench at Stoneley Park has been made to look like a shrine and people are feeling uncomfortable, and feel its not appropriate for the area, this has been reported to Andrew Brown, they had agreed to a memorial bench but it has gone a bit beyond that. He will see if he can tactfully raise the issue.
The Clerk had received a question about the stone at the top of Stoneley Park, and asked Andrew if it was going to be repaired, he’s hoping to do something with the stone but not sure what yet! He needs to make it as vandal proof as possible!
Someone has put rubbish at the next of the Causeway towards the Church, also there is a lump on concrete down the drain near the George.

District Councillors Report
The DC stopped the Garden Waste because they needed 3 people in the cabs of the vehicles, and with the 2 mtr rule this was impossible to keep their employees safe.
The Planning Officers were not allowed to go out and put notices etc as the Police did not deem that as essential travel. This has now started to happen, the EHO are involved in the Track and Trace operation, which is also causing problems with regards to who does their work.
Some Parish Clerks are finding it hard to do zoom meeting due to lack of internet.
Recycling Centres are open for Garden Waste.
Small businesses that did not qualify for the grants before BDC are urging them to apply for our new £1.5 million discretionary grant scheme.
County Councillors Report
Like to District, ECC has launched a Locality Fund by which all County Councillors have a “personal” fund of £10k to allocate to appropriate causes.
Bids to Cllr Butland by 31st September, this will be discussed next month.

20/89 Finance

20/89.1 £309.26 Clerks Staffing Costs June BACs
20/89.2 £65.00 B Keen Maintenance May BACs
20/89.3 £17.90 Clerks Expenses BACs
20/89.4 £122.40 MD Landscapes Grass Cutting Bacs
20/89.5 £4,000.00 SVH Grant Bacs
20/89.6 £347.05 Came & Company Insurance Bacs
Payments were approved by all members of the Council Present

20/89.7 Monthly Budget and Bank Reconciliation
Were sent out prior to the meeting.

20/90 Village Hall Management Committee update

Ian has got a £1500 grant from the football foundation for field maintenance and Cllr Golding has got a Government grant via BDC for loss of income for the Village Hall, so their financial situation is secure for the foreseeable future. Cllr Golding is also attending the EALC webinar on risk assessment for opening village halls following lockdown so we will be ready to open when the Government allows.
New windows are going in July
The Clerk to ask if the Village Hall are looking to do anything to celebrate the reopening of the Village Hall and celebrating VJ Day, suggestions of the Picnic on the Field

20/91 Planning Applications/Comments

3 Planning Applications were Granted Approval at planning committee meeting on the 2nd June 2 from Jacksman’s cottages, and the one for the land opposite Jaspers

Cut Hedge Cottage have put the roof on now, Clerk to contact enforcement.

20/91.1 Braintree Local Plan
The garden village concept was devised to overcome problems of local resistance to housing estates bolted on to small towns.

The government’s prospectus said these should be largely self-sustaining and genuinely mixed-use, with public transport, walking and cycling enabling access to jobs, education, and services.
But the report found that: All settlements but one failed to provide access to amenities with safe walking and cycling routes and a railway station within a mile of all new homes. Residents in one garden village may have to walk up to seven miles to buy a pint of milk. None of the 20 settlements would provide all-week bus services to all households through the day. Cycle routes from the garden villages into nearby towns would often be long and dangerous.

20/91.2 UDC Local Plan

No Report

20/92 Footpath/bridleway

20/92.1 Bridleways Update from Cllr French
No Report

20/92.2 Footpaths
The Footpath cutting has started, a few problems with people putting rubbish on Footpath 2 this has been reported.

20/93 Highways

20/93.1 Update from Highway Meeting with Jasmine Wiles
No Report

20/93.2 Reporting problems on ECC Website
A reminder to Councillors and members of the public they can report any highway problems on the ECC website link to be found on the Shalford Website

20/94 County Broadband

Cllr Eversden did draft a letter, but councillors felt it was not quite right, so the Clerk draft another letter, which was sent. The Clerk did receive a reply from County Broadband saying “they can confirm they have no plans to erect telecommunication poles in Barryfields, and they are reserving the right to build an underground solution, should there be any of the budget left to do so once the build has been completed.
To enable this, we have installed a distribution point within an underground chamber at the entrance to Barryfields.

Cllr Short has had numerous complaints for various areas of the Parish, Water Lane residents are complaining that poles are being put up on a narrow road.
The Parish Council do not know how many people in the Parish has signed up, the complaints are about putting poles up around the parish. The Parish Council does not have actual number of people who want fibre.

The Parish Council, The District Council, and Essex CC do not have any control over County Broadband.

The Council agreed they would write to the Directors of County Broadband and let them know what is happening in Shalford.

20/95 Defibrillator at the George Public House

Cllr Short to speak to the Landlord about this.

20/96 Policies and Procedures to review and approve all policies

The following Policies and Procedures were reviewed and approved.

Action Plan                         Code of Conduct
Asset Register                     Community Engagement
Complaints Procedure      Disciplinary Procedure
Finance Regulations         Grievance Policy
Publication Policy             Recording Policy
Retention Policy               Risk Management
Standing Orders               Training Policy

20/97 Stoneley Park

20/97.1 Opening up of the gates of Stoneley Park and Signage
Andrew Brown has sent a picture of sign this to be looked at the next month.

20/98 Matters to be raised by members for the next agenda

20/99 Date of the next meeting 15 July 2020

20/100 Meeting Closure 6.32pm

Signed……………………………. Dated………………………………………….