Shalford & Wethersfield Newsletters

The following are shown for historical and general interest only:

It was suggested by Parish Council members in 2003 that the village needed a newsletter, Chairman Brenda Hanley gathered a group of villagers together and decided they could produce a quarterly addition to be hand delivered to every household. Jo Crow would be the script editor and Shirley Bedding managing distribution, which involved a large team to cover the whole area.
Very successful initially with all the stories gathered by visiting contributors and Richard Clubley assembling and designing documents to cover both villages, however as time passed some members of the team moved away. Other members decided it was time to give support to St Andrew’s Church and this created the FOSTAC group in 2005, over £100, 000 gross has been raised to help maintain the fabric of the church to date (Dec2019).

Shalford & Wethersfield now produce Parish Magazines via local Churches



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