History Society

We are a small group of local people who meet once a month in Shalford Village Hall. If you are interested in local History, and would like to join the Association, please contact the Chair,
Barbara Mavis on 01371 851519 or the Secretary Sue Tarling on 01371 851595. Once a year, in April, we ask members for a small annual Membership Subscription of £10, which is used to cover the cost of hiring the Village Hall annex room for our monthly meetings.

Meeting dates are Tuesdays. We meet at 2.00 pm until 4.00 pm the last Tuesday of each month in Shalford Village Hall during the winter months, summer months the meeting starts at 2.30 pm.

Archives & Artefacts

We are continuing to add items to our electronic database. It is hoped in the future, when this is complete, this will be enable us to share the document electronically.
Recently we have received these new additions to our archives:

  • Victorian Glass Slides
  • 1958 – 1959 copies of Shalford Parish Magazines
  • Small piece of pottery, from a 500 year old kiln, which was abandoned in Shalford due to poor results

Old Photographs

The group collect old photographs of all aspects of Shalford village life, people and places. We would be happy to scan and return any photographs, unless they are given as a gift to the Association.

Our Display Cabinet

There is a small cabinet on the wall, inside Shalford Village Hall. It can accommodate a very limited display of old implements, and artefacts of a small size. We change this display regularly throughout
the year.

Project for 2020

The Old Primero Historical Foundation based in Texas, Dr Vernon J Williams in conjunction with Shalford Local History Association will be arranging an evening programme in Shalford Village Hall on Sunday 21 June 2020 starting a 7.00 pm.

The purpose is to present an event to the Shalford Community to honour posthumously three residents who were present on August 4 1944 when the Flying Fortress (Dry Gulcher) appeared over the skies of Shalford on fire and in great distress. After the explosion overhead and the crash near Shalford St Andrew’s Church and Rotten End Farm, Sybil Morgan, and Albert Tarbin rushed across the River Pant and disappeared in smoke and fire. Sometime during their actions ammunition and bombs began exploding in the fiery debris, making their actions dangerous with great risk to their personal safety. Also present that day was Peter Morgan, who as a young boy, witnessed his mother Sybil Morgan and Albert Tarbin vanishing into the crash area.

The Foundation would like to honour Peter Morgan for his role in the production of the documentary film Dry Gulcher Down and for his important contribution to the historical record of this significant Word War 11 event in Shalford village.

Councillors Community Grants

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Chair: Barbara Mavis 01371 851519

Member: Vic Goodey 01371 850493

Treasurer: Alison Mavis. 01371 850612