Dry Gulcher

Dry Gulcher Memorial Day – 28th May 2008

On 4th August 1944 a Flying Fortress called ‘Dry Gulcher’ and her crew came down on fields behind Shalford Church having shortly taken off fully laden. All the crew except for SSGT Harold Norris who was the tail gunner made a successful parachute landing, the plane exploded with the blast damage damaging Shalford Hall.  The aircraft was based at Ridgewell aerodrome from the 532nd Bomb Squadron part of the 381st Bomb Group.


Part of the 381st Bomber Group

May 28th 2008 saw family and friends of the flyers involved paying a visit to Shalford as guest of Shalford Local History Association to lay a memorial within our village. The group although staying at Cambridge visited St Andrews Church approx. 11.30 to have the memorial dedicated  and a luncheon in The George Inn, followed by premier of a short film known as ‘Dry Gulcher’ at the Village Hall.


The hall was packed with local Shalford residents to view the large pictorial display and to see the premier of ‘Dry Gulcher’  together with memorabilia provided by Ridgewell wartime museum. Exhibits have since been used on a number of occasions by the history association


Listen to Robin Hayden interviewing his sister Audrey, who was postwoman for Shalford on the day of this incident:- ‘War Time Reminiscence


Read more about war time events from John Harvey, who remembered the day war was declared


Photo album of the commissioning of the memorial stone laid in entrance of St Andrew’s church 2008