County Broadband Update

Email received from County Broadband – week com 2nd March 2020

Further to the Public Meeting held 15th January at Gt Saling Village Hall in which we agreed to look at a number of different areas of our fibre broadband design for the whole parish, I can confirm the following has now been put into action:

We have removed from our original plan:

• 1 new pole at Hunts farm
• 10 new poles on the track up to Redfant’s Farm and Everson’s Farm
• 2 new poles to feed Redfant’s Cottage
• 2 new poles to feed Wethersfield Mill and Mill house
• 1 new pole to feed Riverside
• 7 new poles to feed Stoneley Park House (lies at rear of Barryfields)
• 9 new poles along Barryfields
• 1 new pole to feed Shalford Hall Farm
• 1 new pole along Water hall Lane
• 6 new poles to feed Deersbrook farm
• 14 new poles to the south end of Jaspers Green on Kynaston Rd
• 5 new poles to feed Ewen Bridge farm
• 10 new poles along Water lane – although we will be keeping 6 in the plan which extends the current line of 13 Openreach

As I stated at the meeting in January I cannot have any redesign work delaying the rollout of our fibre service across the village. There was a lot that you asked us to look into and as a result we have taken Barryfields out of the initial plan and will redesign this and revisit this area at the end of the project.

James Salmon
Head of Sales

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