County Broadband Promises Again

County Broadband are a provider of wireless Internet to rural communities, they first appeared in our community in December 2018 with public meeting organised by Shalford Parish Council at Shalford Village Hall, with promises of wireless broadband for all at high speed. Fast forward to January 2020 when CB staff attended another public meeting when questions asked why poles were appearing in odd places around our community, it appeared that the expected enthusiasm for the system had not generated enough applicants, and a partial system to be installed using overhead cabling to reduce installations costs.
Another letter circulating from CB dated May 2020, states installation will commence 13th May 2020, over 30% of residents applied.
Meanwhile during 2018 Gigaclear were busy installing a under ground system to most residents’ homes in the Jaspers Green area. One resident who now has Gigaclear underground broadband direct to her house asked to cancel her County Broadband contract ‘Pre-Order Fibre Broadband’, but was informed a charge of £900 would be applied as she had signed the Pre -Order contract.
It now appears that the ‘The Ombudsman’ has ruled the installation of the fibre broadband infrastructure could not be completed within the Pre-Contract Agreement you can asked to withdraw.
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Parish Council have still not been informed of installation plan