County Broadband nearly Installs

One is given to wonder if this company really knows what it is doing

Tuesday 12 May sharp eyed neighbour notices pole install vehicle parked in Barryfields and contractors marking footpaths to install 10 poles in Barryfields, yet only 3rd April County Broadband sent letters stating poles had been withdrawn from within Barryfields and should there be sufficient budget, we may deliver the service underground

Copy of letter given to the contractors who went on their way – their comments ‘We thought it was strange as Barryfields already has underground ducting, but we are always installing poles and after complaints, taking the poles out again’

Another recently seen letter by County Broadband states they are hoping to connect customers between July & September, Gigaclear completed their installations back in February, Shalford Parish Council have still not received any plan of overhead poles in our community

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  1. In regarding the proposal by County Broadband to install 10+ poles in Barryfields…..firstly it is stated that Barryfields was to be an open planned estate….which is on the deeds…furthermore to install solid structures on the footpath would contravene Health and Safety as there are NO street lights.BT already have underground ducting which would make more sense to use without the use of these offensive poles! I hope that more residents in Barryfields object to these unsightly poles going up!!it will certainly spoil the look of our lovely little estate.


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