Tree Warden

Tree WardenMy name is Pamela Lee I am your village Tree Warden. My function is to co-ordinate between the local community and various council officials on matters affecting the upkeep of our trees and hedgerows.

I am available to offer advice and/or pass on your query for answering/action by the appropriate authority. I may be contacted by telephone on 01371 850400 or by email
Our hedges, trees and woodlands need protection and the Tree Warden with the help of the community, can provide the service of informing the local authority of diseased/dying trees, infringements of tree preservation regulation, infringements of conditions attached to planning permission and vandalism.

We are the custodians of our trees, hedges and woodlands and I hope you will be the eyes and ears of the Parish and pass on any concerns you have within the village with regard to our trees along our public rights of way and in our woodlands.

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Shalford Parish Council supports the Tree Warden

Pamela Lee