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Residents Broadband Action Group for Shalford

Flash Update – Water Hall Lane to be closed for 3 day due to resurfacing – not Water Lane

What is the situation in Shalford/ Jaspers Green in regard to Broadband reception? Until recently SuperfastEssex managed by Essex County Council has been main conduit to received government funding for overseeing Broadband installations in Essex, via OpenReach/BT and Gigaclear. Their recent updated digital map currently shows very few properties in our area unable to receive a basic service, although problems existing in very rural locations such as Water Lane, Jaspers Green.

County Broadband an independent limited company appeared on the scene in December 2018, talking about Wireless Broadband and intended visiting St Andrew’s church to install a transmitter, at the same time circulating a leaflet encouraging all to sign up to their new system. View original Application Formnote cancellation wording on page two.

Public meeting held on 15th January 2020 with County Broad (CB) present as a number of wooden poles appeared in Jasper Green and Water Lane approx. 40 residents in attendance. CB stated that the take up had been much lower than expected as they needed 90 signed contracts to install a full system, but less than 30 (heresay) had signed up, some now have a Gigaclear line direct to their front door and wish to cancel, one woman in her eighties was quoted £900 for the first two years payment contract required to cancel.

Despite the low take up of CB broadband service, CB stated they will continue the installation process with new customers joining hopefully at a later date.

Many at the meeting were upset and told to send emails of their concerns via our Parish Clerk to be forward to CB by Monday 20th January 2020, 18 received and forwarded to CB. Poles started to appear in Church End and on the main Braintree Road; due to positioning complaints two moved slightly.

A local resident who has previously signed a County Broadband ‘Pre Order’ contract, warns that you may not be aware that you are legally bound to a 24 month broadband contract (whether you take up their service or not) which will take effect from the date they decide to complete their installation of fibre broadband across the parish of Shalford and surrounding areas. Unless the installation date is more than 12 months from signing, where cancellation may be made without charge.

Should you feel that you have been miss-sold, not properly consulted or given County Broadband permission to install their services by way of overhead cables or by means that you have not agreed, you have a right to complain and object to their ‘pre-sales contract’ but in order for you to have a positive and fair outcome, your complaint must be submitted to the appropriate channels.

Therefore, for any Shalford (or surrounding area) resident that has signed a ‘Pre Order Contract’ agreement with County Broadband and wishes to be removed from their contract, needs to Act Now.

Action Group need all Shalford Residents whether sign up or NOT  & Surrounding Area’s to print off the displayed form and post directly to CB, a second class stamp is going to save everybody lots of future heart ache.

We would also advise that you ensure that you have a copy of your request to cancel your ‘Pre Order Contract’ with County Broadband and a reply and/or confirmation to that effect, and you log your personal complaint as an individual to the following

Asset Assurance
County Broadband Limited
Old Bourchiers Hall
New Road
Essex   CD6 3QU

We would also recommend that other authorities could be contacted if you have a complaint:



History Openreach/BT

Approx. four years ago Openreach brought a fibre optic cable from Dunmow via Gt Saling, down Vitoria Hill, and along Braintree Main Road to the MOD base at Wethersfield using their underground ducting which lies in the hedgerows and under the main Braintree Highway. Later connecting the cabling to our telephone exchange called ‘Shalford Green’ which is opposite Stondonfield housing. This action allowed Open Reach to extend the service and install the new Green Broadband boxes we see around our location, and then feed the service via copper lines to our properties, either underground or overhead existing lines which can received at least 60Mbps

British broadband boost [Daily Mail Tuesday 28th January 2020]

OPEN REACH is planning to make ultrafast broadband available in more than 200 market towns and villages across the UK as part of its aim to reach 4m homes and businesses with full-fibre technology by March 2021. Work by digital net-work business will start within 14 months, building on trials last year. Chief executive Clive Selly said: ‘Our full-fibre build programme is going great guns, having passed over 2m premises already on target by March 2021. Felicity Burch the CBI’s director of digital and innovation, said it would ‘spur on reginal economic growth’

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