AGENDA for meeting Wednesday 17th June 2020

You are hereby summoned to attend the virtual meeting of the Parish Council, to be held on
Wednesday, 17th June 2020 commencing at 5.00pm
Signed …CLCarlisle…………………………………………
Cathryn Carlisle (Clerk) AGENDA

20/83 Apologies for Absence

20/84 Minutes of the PC meeting held on Wednesday 20th May 2020

20/85 Declarations of interest

20/86 Public participation session with respect to items on the agenda and other matters that are of mutual interest

20/87 Clerk’s Report

20/88 Reports from Councillors with matters affecting the village

20/89 Finance

20/89.1 £309.26 Clerks Staffing Costs June    BACs
20/89.2 £65.00 B Keen Maintenance May      BACs
20/89.3 £28.50 Clerks Expenses                       BACs
20/89.4 £122.40 MD Landscapes Grass Cutting BACS
20/89.5 £4,000.00 SVH Grant                          BACS

20/89.5 Monthly Budget and Bank Reconciliation

20/90 Village Hall Management Committee update

20/91 Planning Applications/Comment

20/91.1 Braintree Local Plan
20/91.2 UDC Local Plant

20/92 Footpath/bridleway

20/92.1 Bridleways Update from Cllr French
20/92.2 Footpaths Update from Cllr’s

20/93 Highways

20/93.1 Update from Highway Meeting with Jasmine Wiles
20/93.2 Reporting problems on ECC Website

20/94 County Broadband

20/95 Defibrillator at the George Public House

20/96 Policies and Procedures to review and approve all policies

20/97 Stoneley Park

20/97.1 Opening up of the gates of Stoneley Park and Signage

20/98 Matters to be raised by members for the next agenda

20/99 Date of the next meeting 15 July 2020

20/100 Closure

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