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Our current Shalford web site with another month coming to an end in the current lockdown situation, other than the Parish Council meeting via Zoom, it looks like all the Event Diary entries for July will need to be marked as cancelled again.

Bendlowes which normally meet on the first Friday of each month have just released their June newsletter which can be read/printed at :-

Good News: Our current web site has just completed it seventh month since interception, it takes time to construct all the necessary pages, currently 116, and some still need to be added from what we had on the old website that closed 1st December 2019.
Beginning of June we added a new reporting system which shows pages that create the most interest and number of visitors coming to view, 840 visitors viewing 2,819 times. This relates almost exactly to our previous site for June last year.

With the Village Hall remaining closed by the lockdown for the time being and no professional cricket, once everything restarts it is planned to add a new section on the Lt Waltham cricket club to play at Shalford.
Currently 116 residents in the newsletter system, although down from previous years it is slowly building. We are open to ideas on what residents would like to view on our website, if you have anything particular then please make contact

David Eversden

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